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Asbestos resources for schools

Information on AHERA requirements in schools

Guidance for Superintendents

Top 5 AHERA volations for schools
The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) has specific requirements for schools management of asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

General AHERA requirements for Superintendents
AHERA requires that schools maintain ACM in good condition. This includes identifying asbestos-containing materials, development of a management plan, reinspections, performing response actions, and recordkeeping requirements.

Sample annual written notification
AHERA requires that the Local Education Agency (LEA) provide annual written notification to parents, teachers and staff regarding the availability of the Asbestos Management Plan.

Sample notice to contractors conducting work in your school
AHERA requires that short-term workers and contractors are notified of the location of ACM prior to performing their work so that the ACM is not disturbed during the performance of their work.

Sample RFP specifications for AHERA reinspections
Download sample specifications that can be used in your RFP procurement of services to hire certified consultants.

Notice to charter schools
Charter Schools are required to comply with AHERA.

Notice to school districts with new construction
Schools cannot conclude that they do not contain asbestos-containing materials just because the building or addition was constructed after 1989. An “architect’s statement” which reviews building materials, or a complete asbestos inspection, is required.

Notice to schools conducting asbestos abatement
Schools are required to maintain documentation when conducting an asbestos response action including asbestos contractor license and workers certification information, clearance monitoring reports, and waste disposal manifests.

Checklist for Schools Conducting Asbestos Abatement
This AHERA Response Action Records Checklist identifies the records and documents you should collect for inclusion in your Management Plan.

Guidance for designated persons

General AHERA requirements for designated persons
AHERA requires that Designated Persons are trained to perform their duties. This self-study guide can be used in lieu of classroom training.

EPA self-study course for designated persons
AHERA requires specific training for Designated Persons, and for custodians and maintenance staff. The Department of Labor Standards offers these trainings to LEAs and school staff free of charge.

List of Asbestos training available from the Department of Labor Standards
AHERA requires specific asbestos-awareness training for custodians and maintenance staff, and designated persons. Some of this training is available for free from the Department of Labor Standards.

Guidance for certified consultants

Top 5 violations for AHERA Inspectors
AHERA has specific requirements for evaluating the presence and condition of asbestos-containing materials.

Top 5 violations for Management Planners
AHERA has specific requirements for the contents of a Management Plan.

Bulk sample analysis by PLM in Massachusetts
This fact sheet highlights key components of the recognized EPA methods for analyzing bulk samples by Polarized Light Microscopy.

Clearance air sample testing by PCM
This fact sheet highlights key components of the NIOSH 7400 Method for Phase Contrast Microscopy in order to collect and analyze samples with technical accuracy.

Resources from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA Frequently Asked Questions
This website provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding AHERA.

EPA’s AHERA Regulation 40 CFR 763 Subpart E
If you have any questions or concerns about the AHERA regulation or other asbestos issues related to your buildings, contact the Department of Labor Standards at safepublicworkplace@MassMail.State.MA.US.