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Basis Codes

List of basis codes to support mandated reporting forms

Basis Code Groups

Administrative Problems

A08 Failure to assume on-call duties
A04 Failure to follow external statutes, regulations, policies
A05 Failure to follow internal by-laws, rules, regulations, policies
A07 Interpersonal skills/personal behavior problems
A99 Other administrative problem
A09 Overutilization of hospital


A10 False or deceptive
A19 Other


A20 Insurance balance billing (other than Medicaid/Medicare)
A21 Medicaid/Medicare balance billing
A22 Services not rendered
A29 Other

Breach of Physician-Patient Contract

A30 Abandonment
A31 Breach of confidentiality
A32 Failure to notify patient of test results
A39 Other


A40 Failure to comply with Board regs-did not submit required information
A41 Failure to comply with Board regs-submitted false Information
A43 Lack of privileges
A44 Low utilization of hospital
A45 Malpractice claims history
A49 Other
A46 Questionable evaluation(s) from other facility(ies)


A58 Clinical practice review pending
A57 Disciplinary hearing pending
A53 Disciplined by another health care facility
A52 Disciplined by jurisdiction other than Massachusetts
A54 Failure to comply with mandatory reporting law'
A50 License suspended by Board of Medicine
A51 License revoked by Board of Medicine
A59 Other
A56 Other discipline by Board of Medicine
AD1 Resignation during investigation
A55 Violation of probation agreement


A60 Academic research
A61 Billing (other than Medicaid/Medicare)
A62 Medicaid/Medicare
A69 Other


A70 Fraudulent procurement of license (false statement on original/renewal
A71 Lapse License
A73 No professional insurance coverage
A72 Practicing without a license
A79 Other

Medical Record Keeping

A80 Breach of confidentiality
A81 Inadequate documentation/patient records
A89 Other


A91 Fully licensed physician
A90 Limited licensee (e.g. resident)
A95 Nurse or other employee
A92 Physician's Assistant
A96 Unspecified

Criminal Proceedings

C51 Chapter 94C violation (controlled substance law)
C50 Conviction of a crime which reasonabley calls into question physician competence
C99 Conviction of crime: other
C52 Criminal charges pending

Diagnosis Related

D01 Delay in diagnosis
D99 Diagnosis-related not otherwise classified
D50 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
D80 Failure to perform diagnostic test(s)
D60 Misdiagnosis
D70 Ordering/performing unnecessary tests/procedures

Failure to diagnose

D10 Abdominal problems (other than appendicitis or ulcer)
D11 AIDS/AIDS Related Complex/HIV
D12 Allergy
D13 Appendicitis
D14 Arthritis
D15 Bladder problem
D16 Bowel problem
D17 Burn(s)
D18 Cancer (unspecified/other)
DC1 Breast cancer
DC2 Lung cancer
DC3 Skin cancer
DC4 Ovarian/cervical cancer
DC5 Testicular/prostate cancer
DC6 Colon/rectal cancer
DC7 Bone cancer
DC8 Liver/kidney/pancreas cancer
D19 Cardiac disorder (other than myocardial infarction)
D20 Circulatory problem
D21 Diabetes
D43 Eye disorder
D22 Fracture/dislocation
D23 Gall bladder disorder
D24 Genetic disorder
D25 Hemorrhage
D26 Hernia
D44 Hodgkin's Disease
D46 Hypertension
D27 Implanted foreign body
D28 Infection
D29 Kidney disorder
D30 Liver disorder
D47 Lyme disease
D31 Meningitis
D32 Myocardial infarction
D33 Neurological disorder
D34 Orthopedic problem (other than fracture/dislocation)
D35 Pneumonia/pneumothorax
D36 Poisoning
D42 Respiratory problem
D37 Tendon injury
D45 Testicular torsion
D38 Thrombosis
D39 Tumor
D40 Ulcer or complication(s) of ulcer
D41 Other/Unknown

Biomedical Equipment/Product Related

E10 Improper use
E20 Malfunction/failure
E99 Other

Illness/Drug& Or Alcohol Misuse/Dependency

S10 Alcohol misuse/dependency
S20 Drug misuse/dependency
S30 Mental illness (excluding drug/alcohol related problems)
S40 Organic illness
S50 Relapse
S60 Unspecified impairment

Treatment Related

T88 Chronic vegetative state resulting from medical intervention
T01 Delay in treatment
A06 Failure to make appropriate referrals
A23 Failure to monitor patient
TH1 Failure to take adequate patient history
TX4 Failure to treat
T02 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
A02 Failure to use consultants appropriately
A01 Inappropriate admission(s)
A03 Inappropriate discharge(s)/transfer(s)
T03 Improper choice of treatment
T87 Improper treatment of fracture/dislocation
T04 Improper treatment of infection
TX1 Professional disagreement re treatment decision(s)

Anesthesia Related

T12 Allergic/adverse reaction
T07 Failure to monitor
T05 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
T08 Failure to test equipment/improper use of equipment
T89 General
T06 Inadequate patient history
T09 Improper intubation
T10 Improper positioning of patient
T13 Teeth damage
T11 Wrong amount/type of anesthesia

Intravenous Related

TCV Central venous pressure (CVP) line
TDY Dye reaction
T16 Failure to monitor
T15 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
T90 General
T17 Improper performance of IV
TV1 Infiltration

Medication Related

T27 Drug side effect
T96 Drug toxicity/overdose
T22 Failure to diagnose drug addiction
T21 Failure to diagnose drug related problem(s) (other than addiction)
T19 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
T95 Failure to prescribe
TM2 Failure to monitor
T91 General
T26 Improper route of medication administered
TM4 Improper use of anorectics
TM3 Improper use of steroids
T20 Inadequate patient history
T23 Prescribing to a known addict
T25 Wrong dose of medication ordered/administered
T24 Wrong medication ordered/administered

Mental Illness Related

T92 General
T30 Failure to diagnose mental disorder/illness/problem
T29 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
T98 Failure to warn third party(ies)
T31 Improper medication prescribed
T32 Improper commitment
T33 Improper monitoring
T34 Improper use of seclusion/restraints
T35 Suicide/suicide attempt by inpatient
T97 Suicide/suicide attempt by outpatient

Obstetrics-Gynecology Related

T49 Delay in performance of C-Section
T50 Delay in treatment of fetal distress
T51 Failed sterilization
T40 Failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancy
T41 Failure to diagnose endometriosis
T42 Failure to diagnose fetal distress
T38 Failure to diagnose pregnancy, normal
T39 Failure to diagnose pregnancy related problem
T43 Failure to identify mother-fetus blood problem
T37 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
TG1 Fetal death/stillbirth
TG4 Gynecology-general
T44 Improper performance of abortion
T46 Improper management of delivery
T45 Improper management of pregnancy
T47 Improperly performed vaginal delivery
T48 Improperly performed C-Section
TG3 Injury to child during labor/delivery
TG6 Injury to mother during labor/delivery
TG2 Maternal death related to delivery
TG5 Obstetrics-general
T52 Wrongful life/birth

Surgery Related

T63 Death in the course of/resulting from surgery
T59 Delay in surgery
T56 Failure to diagnose post-operative complications
T54 Failure to obtain informed consent/exceeding consent obtained
T94 General
T55 Improper performance of surgery
T57 Improper treatment of post-operative complications
T62 Laceration or penetration not within scope of surgery
TS7 Positioning-not anesthesia
T58 Retained foreign body (e.g., sponge, instrument, etc.)
T60 Unnecessary surgery
T61 Wrong body part or wrong patient

Improper Treatment: Specified Procedures/Specialties

T65 Acupuncture
T66 Angiography/Arteriography
T67 Arteriography
TS6 Biopsy
T68 CAT scan/MRI
T69 Catheterization
TS3 Chemotherapy
TS4 Circumcision
T70 Colonoscopy
T71 Cryosurgery
T72 Ciscogram
T73 Electroconvulsive therapy
T74 Endoscopy
T75 Esophageal dilatations
T76 Injection/immunization
T77 Laparoscopy/laparotomy
T78 Lasers
T79 Lymphangiography
T80 Myelography
T81 Needle biopsy
TS8 Neonatology
TX6 Neurology
TX5 Orthopedics
TX2 Pediatrics
T82 PET scan
T83 Phlebography
TX3 Plastic/cosmetic surgery
T84 Pneumoencepholography
T85 Radiation therapy
T86 Stress test
TS1 Suturing
TS5 Other procedure


B20 Caused AIDS/HIV
B30 Caused hepatitis
B10 Mismatch
B99 Other

Abuse of Patient(s), Employee(s), Peer(s))

Abuse of patients

V21 Boundary violation
V10 Physical
V20 Sexual misconduct/boundary violation
V40 Unspecified
V30 Verbal

Abuse of employees/peers

V50 Physical
V60 Sexual misconduct
V80 Unspecified
V70 Verbal


M09 Abuse/Assault by other patient
M11 Failure to report child abuse
M12 Failure to repay loans
M06 Improper medical waste disposal
M16 Improper utilization review
W02 Improper Workmen's Compensation Evaluation
TM1 MIR: Improper discharge
998 Other
M13 Patient dumping
P01 Patient fall (in health care facility/office)
M07 Performance of autopsy without permission
R1 Research misconduct
M10 Surrender of DEA license
M14 Unauthorized DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order
M08 Unplanned transfer to health care facility from office
M15 Vicarious liability for acts of other health care provider
R01 Violation of patient's civil rights
W01 Wrongful death of patient