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Board of Building Regulation and Standards (BBRS) Members, Advisory Committees, and Working Groups

Members of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards, five BBRS technical advisory committees, and four BBRS working groups

BBRS Members



Richard Crowley, Chairman

Building trades

John Couture, Vice-chair

Inspector of buildings in a town

Lisa Davey

Registered professional engineer who is a structural engineer

Kerry Dietz

Registered Architect

Kent F. Vinson

Head of a local fire department

Cheryl Lavalley

Registered professional engineer who is a mechanical engineer

Michael McDowell

Building contractor of one or two-family homes

Steve Fredrickson

Inspector of buildings in a city

Susan Gleason

General contractors of commercial or industrial buildings

Peter Ostroskey

DFS State Fire Marshal

Layla R. D'Emilia

DPL Commissioner

Energy Advisory Committee

Curtis Meskus, Chairman
Emily Paparella, Vice-Chairman
Adelle Reynolds - designee
Ian Finlayson - designee
Zbigniew Wozny
Tom Moberg
John Anderson
Jonathan Bruce
Gabriel P Stallions


Structural Advisory Committee

Han Xu
Richard Henige, Vice-chairman
Cesar I. Lastra, designee
Mehul Dhruv
Ranjit Siganayagam
Gary McLean
Michael Fillion
Richard Croswell
Vacant, Architect with structural expertise
Michael Berry


Geotechnical Advisory Committee

Chris Erikson, Chairman
Daniel Walsh, or designee
John Roma
James Christensen
Michael Oakland
Scott DiFiore
Damian Seibert
Martin Rodick
Jake McManus
Bill Solberg


Fire Protection / Fire Prevention Committee

Robert Carasitti, Chairman
David LeBlanc, Vice-chairman
Jeff Putnam, designee
Jen Hoyt, designee
Louise Vera
Chief Fredrick Tustin
Paul Maloney
Joseph Castronovo
Paul Donga, designee

Fire Prevention and Fire Protection Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Existing Buildings Advisory Committee

Mike DiMascio, Chairman
Daniel Walsh, designee
Jake Nunnemacher, designee
Mike Grover
Vernon Woodworth
Doug Anderson
Dana Haagensen
Lee Cleveland
David Horton
Kevin Hastings
Jimmy Su
Barri Gehrom
Erik Eklund
Fred Lonardo


Convention Center Fire Protection

Daniel Walsh, or designee
Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey, or designee
Chief Joseph Conant
Deputy Chief John Dempsey
State Building Inspector Andrew Majuri
State Building Inspector John Wojciechowicz
John Donahue
Mike DiMascio
Maurice Pilette


Prescriptive Standards for Low-risk Rooftop Solar Installations


Daniel Walsh, or designee
Representative of DOER
Tim Fitzgerald, Building Official
Michael Duffany, Builder of one- and two-family dwellings
vacant, Solar Contractor

Construction Supervisor License (CSL) Exam Transition

Daniel Walsh
State Building Inspector John Bennett
State Building Inspector Marc LaPointe
Inspector Henry Fontaine
Robert Anderson
Michael Duffany
Desmond Stewart, Prometric
Paul Ormond


LNG Storage Facility Standards

Richard Crowley, Chair--BBRS
Chief Kevin Gallagher, Member--BBRS
Anthony Caputo, Chair--BFPR
Alfonso Ibarreta, Member--BFPR
Deputy Chief John Dempsey, Member-BFPR
Marshal Peter Ostroskey, or designee, State Fire Marshal (ex officio)
Daniel Walsh, Member--BBRS