Board of Building Regulation and Standards (BBRS) Members, Advisory Committees, and Working Groups

Members of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards, five BBRS technical Advisory Committees, and four BBRS Working Groups

BBRS Members

Name Representing
Richard Crowley, Chair Building Trades
John Couture, Vice-chair Inspector of Buildings -- Town
Peter Ostroskey, or designee MA State Fire Marshal
Robert Anderson, or designee

Chief of Inspections -- Building, MA Office of Public Safety and Inspections

Kevin Gallagher Chief of a Local Fire Department
Kerry Dietz Architect
Cheryl Lavalley Mechanical Engineer
Michael McDowell 1- and 2- Family Residential Builder
Christopher Pennie General Contractor of Commercial or Industrial Buildings
vacant Inspector of Buildings -- City
vacant Structural Engineer


Energy Advisory Committee

Wagdy Anis, Chair
Mike Andelman, Vice-Chair
Robert Anderson, or designee
Fire Marshal peter Ostroskey, or designee
Don Vigneau
Fran Boucher
Hussein Moussa
Mike Browne
Mark Halverson
Isabel Kaubisch


Structural Advisory Committee

Joseph Zona, Chair
Richard Henige, Vice-chair
Robert Anderson, or designee
Mehul Dhruv
Nicholas Mariani
Gary McLean
Michael Fillion
Richard Coswell
William Hagen
Dominic Kelly
Michael Berry


Geotechnical Advisory Committee

Steven Kraemer, Chair
Robert Anderson or designee
Chris Erikson
William Hover
Michael Oakland
Scott DiFiore
Nino Catalano
John Roma
David Shields


Fire Protection / Fire Prevention Committee

Robert Carasitti, Chair
David LeBlanc, Vice-chair
Robert Anderson, or designee
Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey, or designee
State Building Inspector Louise Vera or Jeffrey Putnam
Chief Gary McCarraher
Walter Adams
Harold Cutler
Don Contois
Kurt Ruchala
Paul Donga, Designee of Boston Fire Commissioner

Fire Prevention and Fire Protection Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Existing Buildings Advisory Committee

Mike DiMascio, Chair
Robert Anderson, or designee
Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey, or designee
Mike Grover
Vernon Wadsworth
Doug Anderson
Dana Haagensen
Lee Cleveland
David Horton
Kevin Hastings


Convention Center Fire Protection

Robert Anderson, or designee
Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey, or designee
Chief Joseph Conant
Deputy Chief John Dempsey
State Building Inspector Andrew Majuri
State Building Inspector John Wojciechowicz
John Donahue
Mike DiMascio
Maurice Pilette


Prescriptive Standards for Low-risk Rooftop Solar Installations

Robert Anderson, or designee
Representative of DOER
Tim Fitzgerald, Building Official
Michael Duffany, Builder of one- and two-family dwellings
vacant, Solar Contractor


Construction Supervisor License (CSL) Exam Transition

Robert Anderson
State Building Inspector John Bennett
State Building Inspector Marc LaPointe
Inspector Christopher McWhite
Building Commissioner Albert Talarico
Michael Duffany
Ken Nobrega
Paul Ormond


LNG Storage Facility Standards

Richard Crowley, Chair--BBRS
Chief Kevin Gallagher, Member--BBRS
Anthony Caputo, Chair--BFPR
Alfonso Ibarreta, Member--BFPR
Deputy Chief John Dempsey, Member-BFPR
Marshal Peter Ostroskey, or designee, State Fire Marshal (ex officio)
Robert Anderson, DPS Chief of Inspections--Building (ex officio)