Certification and Charter Schools

Charter school procurement officers must attain a MCPPO certificate.

If a participant is not eligible for an MCPPO designation, or simply wants to attend a class for educational purposes, or is a charter school administrator who serves as a school procurement official, the program offers a certificate of completion to evidence attendance and successful completion of a class.

Charter School MCPPO Certification

Pursuant to Chapter 46 of the Acts of 1997, charter school administrators who serve as school procurement officers must attain an MCPPO certificate. Horace Mann Charter school administrators who are responsible for procurement are also required to attain MCPPO certification. You must attend and successfully complete the Charter School Procurement class to meet this requirement and attain a certificate. There is no requirement to be MCPPO designated; the law requires that you receive a MCPPO certificate stating that you have successfully completed the Charter School Procurement class.

However, if you are a charter school official and you are interested in earning the designation, we will apply the certification towards the requirements you need to earn the MCPPO designation. Instead of taking all three classes, you can opt out of the Public Contracting Overview class and just take the Supplies and Services Contracting and Design and Construction Contracting classes.

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