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Please review our recently updated MCPPO (Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official) designation requirements.

If you meet certain requirements, you can apply for an MCPPO designation or Associate MCPPO designation. Jurisdictions in Massachusetts widely recognize the MCPPO designation as an indication that you are familiar with Massachusetts procurement practices. In fact, municipal job postings often require that the applicant hold an MCPPO designation. We are offering a 30-minute information session entitled MCPPO Designation and Renewal Update to answer any questions you may have.

Earning the designation is a sound investment. We welcome employees of public organizations, private firms, not-for-profits and members of the public to attend our classes. Although our classes focus on Massachusetts' public procurement laws, policies and best practices, many classes provide content applicable to any procurement activity.   

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MCPPO Designation Updates

The MCPPO designations are:

    • MCPPO
    • Associate MCPPO

    We are no longer offering the following designations:

    • MCPPO for Supplies and Services Contracting
    • Associate MCPPO for Supplies and Services Contracting
    • MCPPO for Design and Construction Contracting
    • Associate MCPPO for Design and Construction Contracting
    We no longer require an education component or Massachusetts public procurement experience for eligibility.

    MCPPO Designation Eligibility

    Once you complete all required classes, to receive the designation you must submit an application and pay a processing fee.


    Associate MCPPO:

    The designation application requires relevant work history information and completion of the CORI Acknowledgement Form. You must also include a copy of a government-issued photo identification. We cannot process incomplete applications and those without payment of the fee.

    An MCPPO designation is valid for three years from the date of issue. MCPPO designees must maintain their knowledge and skills and document continuing professional education when they apply to renew their designation every three years.

    Completing the classes alone does not constitute the award of a designation.

    * “Procurement-related experience” means buying, soliciting, purchasing, leasing, contracting for or otherwise acquiring supplies, services, real property, or design or construction services. It may also include the disposition of supplies and real property. It also includes all the functions related to any of the above activities, including, but not limited to, preparing solicitations and specifications, preparing and awarding contracts, and all phases of contract administration.

    Your professional procurement-related work experience can be in a public, private or not-for-profit setting or in the service of a public entity. For example, it can be as an owner’s project manager, clerk of the works, architect, or procurement consultant. It must be a job that involves procurement-related tasks.

    Additional Resources

    NEW! MCPPO Advising Services

    We now offer advising services for our MCPPO program participants. 

    The MCPPO advising services can help active and potential MCPPO participants choose their classes and navigate the designation application and renewal requirements. Our advisors can also assist with choosing which MCPPO educational path to take and offering strategies for remaining in good standing with a designation or certification.

    We are here to help you with your professional development.

    Contact us at and we will have one our staff arrange a virtual meeting with you.

    Compliance Audit

    The Office of the Inspector General reserves the right to verify, through a compliance audit or request, any information provided to the Office through the designation application process. If you are chosen for a compliance audit, you will be notified by the MCPPO program and be provided with instructions about what information we are seeking and your options for providing this information. 

    You will be given 90 days to provide the information. If you are unable to provide the requested information or are found to have made a false certification on your application, this may lead to the suspension or revocation of your designation.



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