Chapter 90 price adjustment requirements

All municipalities are required to include price adjustment clauses.

All municipalities are required to include price adjustment clauses for diesel fuel, gasoline, liquid asphalt, Portland cement concrete, and steel in the bid documents of all construction contracts to be funded under the program described in Chapter 6C, Section 4 of the Massachusetts General Laws (commonly referred to as "the Chapter 90 Program").

MassDOT has developed specific contract language for use in MassDOT construction contracts. These price adjustment clauses have been posted on the MassDOT Highway Division website for your information and use. In addition, period prices for Portland cement, diesel fuel, gasoline, and liquid asphalt can be found on theĀ Price Adjustments website.

Please note the website provides an explanation of the two different methods for determining liquid asphalt period prices: one for contracts bid before December 15, 2008 and one for contracts bid after December 15, 2008.