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Continuing Education for Construction Supervisors

Training is key to becoming a licensed construction supervisor. Here you'll find all the courses you need to apply for or renew your license.

Education courses to complete

  • Code review
  • Workplace safety
  • Business practices/workers’ compensation
  • Energy
  • Lead safe practices

Hours of continued education courses you should complete

The number of hours you should complete depends on the kind of construction supervisor you would like to become. Each kind of supervisor must complete at least 1 hour of each educational topic.

  • Unrestricted construction supervisor: 12 hours
  • Restricted construction supervisor: 10 hours
  • Specialty construction supervisor (masonry, roofing, insulation, etc.): 6 hours

When to complete your continuing education courses

  • You should complete your courses at least 60 days before your license expires
  • You should complete your courses every 2 years

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