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Continuing Education Subject Matter Curricula

The curriculum is comprised of a number of educational modules. Each module is designed to be administered over a two hour period. The licensee is required to complete six different modules in order to satisfy the twelve hour requirement.

These modules, and the curriculum overall, are designed for real estate brokers and salespeople as an overview. Instructors should tailor their presentation based on the level of the class. Naturally, the depth of coverage of each topic within a module will vary. For instance a module being taught to a class of experienced licensees would likely focus more heavily on certain topics and less so others. A group of inexperienced licensees would require a more general overview with equal time given to all the items within a module. Similarly, a group of licensees who practice as commercial agents would require that the presentation incorporate their needs.

This curriculum is designed for real estate brokers and salespeople to enhance their knowledge base of topics beneficial to the protection of the consumer. Although portions are designed to improve understanding of rights and obligations under the law, it is not a substitute for legal counsel. Materials such as state required forms, provided as part of the curriculum should only be used for study purposes and should not be disseminated to the general public. Nothing in this curriculum supersedes any state or federal laws or regulations.

Schools are responsible to ensure their instructors are imparting accurate and current information. This curriculum was developed based on current laws. However, laws change and those changes should be incorporated into classroom materials.

Schools are responsible for procuring any of the referenced or sited materials. Be advised that many of the reference materials are copyrighted and, if used, copyright protections must be honored. Where court decisions are cited contact a law library or the clerk of the court that issued the decision.

Courses are designated as follows:




Real Estate


Residential topics


Commercial topics


Both Residential and Commercial topics

The first two digits of the course number represents the course number sequence on the list of Board approved courses. The last two digits represents the year the Board approved the course.

For example, the course number RE28RC12: Foreclosures states the following: a real estate course, the 28th real estate course approved by the Board, offers both Residential and Commercial topics and approved by the Board in 2012.

For example, RE78R13: Short Sales states the following: a real estate course, the 78th real estate course approved by the Board, offers Residential topics and approved by the Board in 2013.