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Contracts Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of contracts are supported by EIM/ESM?

EIIM/ESM supports cost reimbursement contracts, unit rate contracts, accommodation rate contracts, and some master services agreements. Billing methods are determined by contract type as well as agency requirements.

2. Where does the information on the Contract Summary page come from?

Contract data is maintained by authorized agency staff; some automated downloads also apply. The contract description, as well as other contract data, is downloaded on a daily basis from the Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW), the repository of contract data from the Massachusetts Management Accounting and Reporting System (MMARS). EIM/ESM also receives daily feeds of client enrollment and eligibility data from agency systems (e.g., MHIS, Meditech, etc.).

3. How do I search for a contract?

Only users of EIM/ESM with contract management responsibilities (contract managers and contract reviewers) are able to view contract information. There are several criteria against which a contract manager can search: contract number, provider organization, and activity among them. The Departments of Mental Health and Public Health may use the "critical 4" contract numbers with a preceding "wildcard" (for example, "%6122") to return the desired contract.

4. If some (but not all) of the line items in a contract are pending, would the whole contract be in a "pending" status?

Yes. When providers request formal amendments affecting the maximum obligation, the contract is placed in "pending" status once approved for amendment. This indicates the agency is modifying or amending the contract. When modifications are complete, the contract will be changed to "active" status by the agency.

5. Can providers move money from one line item component to another?

Provider organizations do not have the authority to move money from one line item component to another. However, authorized provider staff may use the Request Amendment feature to request a new line item budget structure, which is then subject to agency approval. Only persons who function as a contract reviewer at the "parent" level of their provider organization are able to access amendment requests.

6. How will the contract amendment process be handled with EIM/ESM?

There are two types of changes to contracts:

Formal Amendments - Formal amendments are changes to the maximum obligation of a contract and must be approved by the Comptroller's Office and processed through MMARS. Once completed, the changes are reflected in EIM/ESM. Formal amendments require a paper copy with a "wet signature."

Line Item Change Requests - Line item change requests are transfers of money between line items within a cost reimbursement budget that have a zero-dollar net effect upon the contract maximum obligation. Providers with the necessary roles can request line item changes within EIM/ESM. A line item change request does not require a "wet signature."

7. I am trying to submit an amendment request for my provider organization, and am receiving the error message, "No provider contact e-mail on file." What should I do?

The message you are getting indicates that the relevant contact was not properly established. For you to complete your request, the name of someone from your organization should be included on the Contract Summary page in one of the "Contact" drop-down lists and his/her e-mail should appear as well. If this information is missing, please call your agency contract manager so that it can be added.