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Corporate Excise tax estimated payments

Learn the steps and rules for making corporate excise tax estimated payments.

Schedule for estimated tax payments

All corporations that reasonably estimate their corporate excise to be in excess of $1,000 for the taxable year are required to make estimated tax payments to Massachusetts.

Estimated taxes must either be:

  • Paid in full on or before the 15th day of the third month of the corporation's taxable year or
  • Paid in four installments according to the schedule below.

Corporate estimated tax installments are due as follows:

Installment % of Estimated Tax Due Due Date from Start of Taxable Year
1st 40% 15th day of 3rd month
2nd 25% 15th day of 6th month
3rd 25% 15th day of 9th month
4th 10% 15th day of 12th month

Note: New corporations in their first full taxable year with less than 10 employees have different estimated payment percentages: 30%, 25%, 25% and 20%.

Many corporations are required to pay electronically via MassTaxConnect. It is recommended that all corporations use electronic payment. See TIR 16-9.

Corporations not required to pay electronically may use Form 355-ES.  

Page updated: February 18, 2020.