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Council Vision Statement

Vision Statement Of the Personal Care Attendant Quality Home Care Workforce Council

The mission of the Council, to insure the quality of long-term, in-home, personal care by recruiting, training and stabilizing the work force of personal care attendants, requires a commitment from all Council members and staff to the following principles:

  • Ensuring consumer control of the PCA program and the training and employment of PCAs; control by consumers being essential to the independence, dignity and self-sufficiency the PCA program is meant to achieve.
  • Diligently representing the interests of consumers as employers and further those interests by assisting to resolve policies and procedures brought to the Council's attention that creates impediments for consumers as employers.
  • Supporting and implementing training methods and policies that increase the skills and knowledge base of PCAs and consumers.
  • Assisting PCAs to achieve increased wages, benefits, advancement opportunities and other benchmarks of respected, dignified employment.
  • Promoting policies that insure that consumers exercise their rights with integrity and in a responsible manner.
  • Making a continuing dialogue with the consumer community a priority.

Unanimously passed by the Council on October 15, 2009