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DCR Summer Nights | Partnership

Learn how your organization can support DCR Summer Nights to provide safe and healthy summer recreation activities for urban youth.

Partnership Details

Your organization’s financial support will enable DCR to extend the hours of many urban pools, provide athletic, recreational or educational programs, and offer healthy, delicious snacks and meals for children and families in urban parks across Massachusetts.

Below are suggested ways you can support Massachusetts urban youth:

Lead Partner

  • Underwrite or conduct programs, donate safe and healthy products, and offer creative hands on support
  • Three-year commitment @ $100,000/year = $300,000.

Program Partner

  • Support the cost of specific programs
  • Up to two sponsors per program (sports, arts, swimming)
  • Three-year commitment @ $25,000/year = $75,000.

Nutrition Partner

  • Engage  agencies and food suppliers to provide on-site meals and/or healthy refreshments
  • Educate urban families on healthy eating
  • Three-year commitment @ $20,000/year = $60,000.

Your partnership can come in many forms, please contact Jenny Norwood to discuss creative ways you can support state parks and urban youth.