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Decide about the PSA Test with your Doctor

You have a choice to make about your prostate health

Many experts recommend that men learn about all the benefits and harms of the PSA test, and discuss their own views, values, and risks for prostate cancer with their provider. This process of working with your provider to make a decision about your care is called Shared Decision Making.

Shared Decision Making can help you and your provider decide if the PSA test is right for you. Your provider can share the risks, benefits, evidence, and their knowledge and experience. You can share your preferences and values. Together, you can discuss what’s right for you.

There’s no right or wrong answer about getting the PSA test. Two important things to talk with your provider about are:

  • Your individual risk for prostate cancer
  • How you feel about the benefits and harms of testing and treatment

Prostate Cancer Screening — Interactive Tool

The Interactive Decision Aid guides men through a decision-making process, to help them make the right decision about the PSA test. Try it at

Decision Aid and Fact Sheet

Download the Prostate Cancer Screening Decision Aid and Fact Sheet to learn more about the test. You can use these tools when talking to your provider about what’s right for you.