Deer hunt for paraplegic hunters

Sportsmen and volunteers come together to help paraplegic hunters hunt deer for three days in the fall. It is a special opportunity for paraplegic hunters to spend time outdoors while hunting.
Paraplegic deer hunter with MassWildlife staff volunteer


2022 Season Dates: Nov. 3 – Nov. 5

MassWildlife holds a special three-day deer hunting season for paraplegic hunters. Staff and volunteers place hunters in safe areas at several hunt locations in the state. When a hunter shoots a deer, volunteers assist the hunter by retrieving the deer, field dressing it, and getting it checked in on site.

Hunt history

Each year, about 25–30 paraplegic hunters sign up for the special hunt. For many of these people, it's the only opportunity they have to hunt. The hunt is typically held at 5 sites:

  • The Northern Berkshires
  • The Southern Berkshires
  • The Quabbin Reservation
  • Devens Reserve Forces Training Area in Lancaster
  • Otis/Edwards Military Reservation in Falmouth

Many hunters are able to see deer and several get the opportunity to harvest a deer.

Paraplegic sportsmen and women interested in taking part in the hunt should contact Susan McCarthy at (508) 389-6326.