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Deer hunt for paraplegic hunters

Sportsmen and volunteers come together to help paraplegic hunters hunt deer for three days in the fall. It is a special opportunity for paraplegic hunters to spend time outdoors while hunting.


Season Dates: Nov. 2 - 4, 2017

MassWildlife holds a special three-day deer hunting season for paraplegic hunters. Staff and volunteers place hunters in safe areas at several hunt locations in the state. When a hunter shoots a deer, volunteers assist the hunter by retrieving the deer, field dressing it, and getting it checked in on site.

Hunt history

Each year, about 25-30 paraplegic hunters sign up for the special hunt. For many of these people, it's the only opportunity they have to hunt. The hunt is typically held at 5 sites:

  • The Northern Berkshires
  • The Southern Berkshires
  • The Quabbin Reservation
  • Devens Reserve Forces Training Area in Lancaster
  • Otis/Edwards Military Reservation in Falmouth

Many hunters are able to see deer and several get the opportunity to harvest a deer.

Paraplegic sportsmen and women interested in taking part in the hunt should contact Trina Moruzzi at (508) 389-6318.


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