Department of Mental Health Inpatient Study Commission

DMH Mental Health Inpatient Study Commission

Health and Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby, M.D., appointed an independent 15-member Inpatient Study Commission to evaluate the Department of Mental Health (DMH) inpatient system; determine an appropriate inpatient capacity for DMH facilities; and recommend a plan to the Administration for consideration.

Led by Co-chairpersons James T. Brett and Marylou Sudders. Commission members completed their charge by holding public hearings across the state, reviewing numerous documents, data and hundreds of pages of testimony, and efficiently and expeditiously deliberated to produce this comprehensive report. The Commission's Report and Recommendations were submitted on June 30, 2009.

The recommendations are under review by DMH Commissioner Barbara Leadholm, Secretary Bigby and Governor Deval Patrick. In the coming weeks and months, the Administration will make decisions regarding the recommendations.

DMH Inpatient Study Commission Final Report and Recommendations

Commission Information

Meeting Agendas

Data and Information

  1. Census 5-4-09 
  2. Bed Utilization by Legal Status 
  3. Revised 2009 Projected DMH Inpatient Expenditures 
  4. DMH 2008 Cost Report 
  5. DMH FY 2008 Facility Revenue 
  6. DMH Ref Agency Admit 
  7. Referral Diversions 
  8. Total Inpatient Waitlist 
  9. DMH Inpatient Waitlist Days 
  10. LOS HOSP Report  
  11. LOSCMHC Report  
  12. Barriers to Discharge Summary 
  13. Barriers to Discharge Coding System 
  14. Description of Services 5.13.09 
  15. Adult Community Based Enrollments 
  16. New Hospital 5-12-09 
  17. Medfield State Hospital Closure  
  18. 122 Client Status  
  19. DMH Fact Sheets Summary Inpatient Facilities 
  20. DMH Licensed Hospitals 
  21. Medfield State Hospital Update 6-9-09  
  22. Statewide Referrals Summary from Acute and General Hospitals to DMH Continuing Care  
  23. Admissions to DMH Facilities by Acute and General Hospitals Cal YR 2008 
  24. Average Median Costs of DMH Adult Community Based Services  
  25. Section 18 Referrals from Correctional Facilities and Bridgewater Step Downs 6-24-09 
  26. Revised Bridgewater Step Down 

Public Hearings

Meeting Minutes


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