Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Learn about what activities are considered disability discrimination in the workplace and how your rights are protected by the MCAD.

Disability discrimination is illegal under the Anti-discrimination laws of Massachusetts.

The Law

In 1983, the Massachusetts Legislature amended the Fair Employment Practices Law to prohibit discrimination in employment on the basis of handicap. TheĀ guidelines below are intended to assist employers, labor organizations, employment agencies and persons with handicaps, and their lawyers, in understanding what employment practices are lawful or unlawful and what steps must be taken to accommodate handicapped persons. The standards governing employment practices with regard to handicapped persons are part of the statutory and regulatory framework governing fair employment practices under Mass. Gen. L. ch. 151B and Mass. Regs. Code tit. 804, Ā§ 3.00 et. seq. These guidelines are issued pursuant to Mass. Gen. L. ch. 151B, section 2.

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