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Employer Remittance Form (ERF)

The Employer Remittance Form (ERF) is a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly bill that is sent to employers and should be returned with payments. The ERF enables the Child Support payment processing center to post payments timely and accurately.

If your company submits child support payments to the Department of Revenue (DOR) via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), DOR will no longer send you Employer Remittance Forms (ERF). If you would still like to receive an ERF, contact Employer Services at

  • (800) 332-2733 (select "Option 2")
  • (617) 660-1234 (for local callers)
  • (617) 887-7540 (fax) or
  • e-mail us.

If you currently do not submit via EFT but would like DOR to stop sending you Employer Remittance Forms, contact Employer Services to let us know.