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Enforcement Cases Dismissed without a Finding of a Violation

Enforcement rulings dismissed and no violation of the conflict of interest law or financial disclosure law was found
  1. Anderson, Susan Docket No. 20-0003; Early Jr., Joseph D. Docket No. 20-0004; McKeon, Richard Docket No. 20-0005; Travers, Jeffrey Docket No. 20-0006
    The Commission has issued a Final Decision and Order dismissing its case against Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr., Senior First Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Travers, former State Police Colonel Richard McKeon, and former State Police Major Susan Anderson after finding that it had not been proved that they violated the conflict of interest law by their actions relating to the police report of the arrest of a judge’s daughter.

  2. Christopher, Kathryn Docket No. 10-0011
    The Commission approved a Joint Motion to Dismiss the Proceedings against former Belmont Council on Aging Home Care Coordinator Kathryn Christopher.  According to the Joint Motion, Christopher was convicted on one criminal charge, obtaining a signature by false pretense, and was sentenced to a term of probation for five years.  Christopher was terminated from her position, and as a condition of her probation, she is prohibited from working with the elderly or being employed by an elder services provider or acting as a care giver for any person over 65. 

  3. Dormandy, Michael Docket No. 475
    The Commission approved a Joint Motion to dismiss the adjudicatory proceeding involving Duxbury police officer Michael Dormandy based on Dormandy being terminated by the Town, his having made restitution to the victim, and that the victim has passed away.

  4. Lally, Joseph Final Order Docket No. 10-0008
    The Commission allowed a Joint Motion to Dismiss the Proceedings and approved a Final Order dismissing the adjudicatory proceedings against Joseph Lally based on Lally's conviction in federal court to conspiring to deprive Massachusetts citizens of former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi’s honest services and to extortion under color of official right involving the payment of bribes to DiMasi and kickbacks to Richard McDonough and Richard Vitale.  

  5. Speranza, Jack Docket No. 07-0018
    The Commission vacated a reasonable cause finding and dismissed the adjudicatory matter involving Hopkinton Community Preservation Committee member Jack Speranza in connection with Speranza representing town residents in challenging the town's purchase of property for open space.

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