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Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award - Nomination Instructions

Read instructions prior to completing the nomination form.

Nomination Instructions:

  1. Read “Award Overview” section prior to completing the nomination form.
  2. Type or print legibly when completing the nomination form and make sure all sections of the form are completed. For group nominations please provide names and personnel information for each group member on a separate spreadsheet.
  3. Attach any supporting materials or additional statements/letters of support for the candidate (limit 3 attachments).
  4. Obtain the nominee's supervisor's signature (Section V) to verify the information on the nomination form.
  5. Attach the appropriate resume to each nomination received within the department. For group nominations, please provide resume for group leader only (or 2-3 key members).
  6. Review the final submission to be submitted to HRD ensuring that the nomination is complete with resume attached and any supporting documentation.
  7. Obtain Agency Head signature (Section III) on the nomination form to verify approval of the nomination.
  8. Complete nomination form, including resume and any supporting documentation, should be sent electronically in PDF format to

All nominations must be submitted to HRD by August 9, 2019 in order to be eligible for consideration.

Award Overview

About the Award

The Eugene H. Rooney, Jr., Public Service Award highlights human resources development as a planned, continuous effort to provide personal and professional growth opportunities that will enhance employee competency levels. Such activities serve to improve an individual's performance on a currently held job and/or provide new skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow an individual to assume a new role in the organization.


Any state, county, city or town employee who has worked in public service for 12 months as of May 23, 2019 is eligible to be nominated for the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr., Public Service Award.

An individual does not have to be a recipient of the 2019 Citation for Outstanding Performance in order to be eligible for this award.

Supervisors, peers, professional colleagues (not including subordinates) and someone else who is familiar with the employee's accomplishments may nominate an individual or group.

Award Criteria

The ideal candidate for the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr., Public Service Award demonstrates a measurable accomplishment, which affects individual employees and/or the organization as a whole. The nominator must document the nature of the activity and provide a detailed description of the project and its impact on the organization.

Selection Process

Screening committees throughout the individual agencies will review all submissions within their own agency. Each agency will select a nomination to forward to the Human Resources Division (HRD) for consideration.

A Selection Committee including the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and the Co-Chairs of the Legislature's Joint Committee on Public Service will review nominations. The Committee's recommendation will be forwarded to the Governor for approval.

It is expected that final candidate(s) for the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr., Public Service Award be in full compliance, prior to selection, with all Local, State, and Federal tax obligations, and with any court ordered child support obligation. Accordingly, the Department of Revenue will be asked to determine whether the candidate has filed all applicable tax payments and court-ordered child support payments in a timely manner.

The Governor makes all final selection decisions.

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