Framingham State University - Upgrade to Science and Academic Facilities at Hemenway Hall

A four-story addition plus basement and a screened mechanical room containing approximately 58,000 SF.

Addition will house 16 teaching laboratories, including related prep and supply spaces, plus facility research spaces, joined to the existing facility by a four-story common space.  Selective interior and exterior renovations to the existing Hemenway Hall and the Annex will provide a fully accessible, substantially improved teaching environment including seismic, structural, fire protection, mechanical and electrical system upgrades as well as repairs and improvements to the facades including windows.

Project Details

Framingham state collage

Designer: Ellenzweig
Construction Manager: Barr & Barr
Project Type: CM at Risk
Project Cost: $84M ($4M Preliminary work by FSU, $68M Phase 1 Addition, $12 MPhase 2 Backfill renovations)
Gross Square Feet: New Addition 58,000 GSF, Existing Hemenway Hall: 63,000GSF, Annex: 100,000GSF  (Total GSF: 221,000)
Est. Substantial Completion Date: Phase 1 - August 2015, Phase 2 Fall 2016

Project Features

  • The addition will be LEED silver certified
  • The renovation includes infrastructure upgrades, involving a total replacement of existing MEP/FP systems, as well as window replacement, envelope repairs and seismic upgrades
  • The new addition will house 16 chemistry and biology teaching labs and support spaces on four floors in an addition to the east of Hemenway Annex, connected to the existing building by a four story atrium
  • The common space will function as a major social space for the science complex
  • The addition will also have basement and roof-top mechanical space
  • An accessible entry to the new addition and the existing facility from the north and south will be provided
  • Renovations of interior public spaces and selective program spaces will be made
  • A significant landscape upgrade to improve accessibility and to transform Larned Beach into an attractive public amenity is included
  • The new building will be connected seamlessly to the existing, improving the overall circulation and accessibility

This project was the recipient of the Accessible Design Honor Award from the Boston Society of Architects in 2017.  The jury commented: “ It is very refreshing to see such innovation, showcasing science, architecture, and universal access. The exterior circulation is especially thoughtful. Inside, all the lab space - old and new - is made accessible. It’s amazing how a small addition has provided such transformation to both building and campus.”


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