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General Instructions For Filing Applications

Please read the instructions carefully before filing your application to the DSB.


  1. Please mail/hand deliver One Original Application with the Sub-Consultant Acknowledgement forms and SDO Certification letters (by mail).
    In addition please email an electronic copy with bookmarks to Section 8A and Section 10 of the application form to
      (do not include the Sub-Consultant Acknowledgment forms and SDO Certification letters).
  1. Applications should be limited to the application plus a maximum of 3 supplementary pages (double sided) unless otherwise noted. Please ensure that the Original copy of the application that contains the sub-consultant acknowledgment and the SDO certifications are clearly marked ORIGINAL. Computer generated forms are allowed provided they do not substantially deviate from the DSB format.  Please duplicate forms double-sided, if possible, to minimize paper waste.
  1. NO cover letters, binders and superfluous material.  Please, staple upper right corner, landscape format.
  1. DSB recommends that the principal who would be in charge of the project make sure that the form is complete including appropriate signature.  Unsigned applications will not be considered.
  1. Out of State Prime Firms MUST be registered with the Secretary of State.  Please attach (one copy only with Original application) firm’s State Registration Certificate – Registered to do business with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  1. When citing work performed by the applicant while employed by another firm, make certain said firm is properly identified including the individual's level of responsibility.
  1. By including a firm as a sub-consultant the applicant certifies that the listed firm has been advised that it was being included in the applicant's team and it has agreed to work on this Project should the team be selected.  It is a requirement that all applicants supply a signed DSB SC-A’s (Sub-Consultant Acknowledgement).  There can be no change in consultants from those named unless approved by user agency and reported to the Designer Selection Board (C.7C, §51)  It is a requirement that all applicants supply the signed document, attached to the application, by the listed sub-consultants stating that they are aware and agree to be nominated by said applicant. Failure to supply above documents may result in rejection of the application.
  1. It is a requirement that the Prime and Sub-Consultant personnel must be registered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in their respective disciplines and therefore, when applicable, the DSB requires registration in the disciplines listed in order to satisfy contract requirements.
  1. A person may not submit more than one application as a “prime” applicant on the same project.  The applications of any such applicant shall be considered disqualified.  This rule does not preclude a person applying as a “prime” applicant even though the applicant is also listed as a consultant on one or more other “prime” applications on the same project.  For the purposes of this paragraph, the term “person” means an individual, corporation, association, partnership or other legal entity.
  1. When the Prime applicant is to fulfill any of the requested consultant roles in the advertisement, then that role shall be defined in the organization chart as the applicant. It should also be referenced in Section 7 (resume) and Section 8 (experience) such that it proves the applicant is skilled in supplying these roles on the project.
  1. Current SDO Certification Letters showing that the MBE/WBE is certified in the area of work for which it is listed on the application must be submitted for each and every MBE and WBE firm listed on the application and must be submitted with the original application.
  1. Applicants are advised to apply only for those projects for which they are demonstrably qualified, as it reflects negatively on the applicant's credibility if the firm applies for every job advertised when only marginally qualified.
  1. The Board relies almost exclusively on the information submitted on the applications to arrive at a short list of semi-finalists.  Therefore, do not include statements that refer to the Master File Brochure for additional information.  The Master File Brochures are usually considered upon request of a DSB member when additional supplementary information is needed.
  1. Joint ventures are not encouraged.  However, they may be advantageous for complex building types in which the participants have a combination of unique skills with a previous successful record of working together.