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Governor's Office Staff

The following staff assist with the day-to-day activities of the Governor's Office.

Offices and staff

Governor Charlie Baker
Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

Kristen Lepore, Chief of Staff
Tim Buckley, Senior Advisor to the Governor
Lily Zarrella, Deputy Chief of Staff

Kelly Dwyer, Executive Director of the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Haley Arnold, Executive Assistant to the Governor
Madison LaCure, Scheduling Assistant
Marissa Ribeiro, Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff

Boards and Commissions

Jordan Maynard, Director, Boards and Commissions
Eric Bertino, Special Assistant, External Affairs
Noah McClanan, Deputy Director Boards and Commissions
Georgia Polemenakos, Program Coordinator

Cabinet Relations - Strategic Operations

Elizabeth Mahoney, Deputy Chief of Staff for Cabinet Affairs and Policy
Anne Selinger, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Innovation
Brian Mckeon, Assistant Chief of Staff for Cabinet Affairs
Jenna Borkoski, Associate Chief of Staff for Cabinet Affairs
Lisa Dixon, Associate Chief of Staff for Cabinet Affairs
Colleen Maloney, Project Manager - Cabinet Affairs
Ben Samuels, Project Manager - Cabinet Affairs
Jacob Viola, Director – Strategic Innovation
Jean-Louis Rochet,  Senior Director - Strategic Innovation
Jesse Cohen, Director - Strategic Innovation
Christine Kang, Director – Strategic Innovation


Lizzy Guyton, Communications Director
Sarah Finlaw, Press Secretary
Anisha Chakrabarti, Deputy Communications Director
Terry MacCormack, Deputy Communications Director / Digital Director
Maura Driscoll, Deputy Press Secretary / Deputy Digital Director
Alex Camp, Press Assistant
Josh Qualls, Photographer & Multimedia Specialist 

Constituent Services and Community Affairs

Mindy d'Arbeloff, Deputy Chief of Customer Service and Constituent Affairs
Patrick Carnevale, Western Massachusetts Office Director
Kelly Govoni, Director of Constituent Services
Michael Vazquez, Director of Community Affairs
Christian Nakkashian, Deputy Director of Constituent Services, Internship Coordinator
Brian Heffernan, Constituent Services Aide
Aaron Thomas, Constituent Services Aide
Leah Protentis, Constituent Services Aide
Marga Celado, Constituent Services Aide
William Ramsdell, Constituent Services Aide
Grace Headrick, Constituent Services Aide

Governor's Council

Sonia Altamirano, Administrative Assistant
Valerie McCarthy, Executive Assistant
Adam Costa, Program Coordinator

Legal Counsel

Robert Ross, Chief Legal Counsel
Michael Kaneb, Deputy Chief Legal Counsel
Elizabeth Denniston, Deputy Legal Counsel
Kirk Hanson, Deputy Legal Counsel
Nick Brandt, Deputy Legal Counsel
Paige Ferreira, Legal Assistant

Lauren Greene-Petrigno, Director, Judicial Nominating Commission
Emily Gauthier, Deputy Director, Judicial Nominating Commission

Katelyn Babbin, Program Coordinator, Judicial Nominating Commission

Legislative Affairs

Katherine Holahan, Legislative Director
Emily Chabot, Associate Legislative Director
Kevin McColaugh, Washington, DC Office Director


Dean Serpa, Deputy Chief for Administration and Operations
Grace Robinson, Director of Operations
Alexis Dellaquila, Project Manager
Colin Ahern, Special Assistant to the Governor
Zack Colclasure, Advance Representative to the Governor
Molly Burgoyne, Special Assistant to the Lt. Governor
Elizabeth Galvin, Special Assistant to the Lt. Governor
Sophia Schintzel, Briefings Coordinator
Daniel Gates, Project Manager, Municipal and External Affairs
Alex Powell, Deputy Administrative Coordinator
Rose Flanagan, Program Assistant
Kevin Marshall, Program Assistant
Joyce Stanton, Receptionist
Mike Creamer, LAN IT Administrator

Office of Access and Opportunity

Anthony Richards, Deputy Chief for Access and Opportunity
Ixchel Garcia, Program Coordinator

Personnel & Administration

Ryan Coleman, Chief Secretary and Director of Personnel and Administration
Morgan Riddle, Deputy Director of Personnel and Administration
Conor Glasheen, Deputy Director of Personnel and Administration
Kendy Derival, Employment Coordinator