Governor's Office Staff

The following staff assist with the day-to-day activities of the Governor's Office.

Offices and Staff

Governor Maura Healey
Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll

Kate Cook, Chief of Staff
Gabrielle Viator, Senior Advisor

Kristian Hoysradt, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Lt. Governor
Juan Gallego, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff to the Lt. Governor

Katharine Thibodeau, Director of Scheduling and Senior Executive Assistant to the Governor
Alanna Ogilvie, Deputy Director of Scheduling
Jessica Laverty, Scheduler and Executive Assistant to the Lieutenant Governor

Alyssa Gold, Project Manager for the Lieutenant Governor

Boards and Commissions

April English, Chief Secretary 
Kate Kelly, Director of Boards and Commissions
Jonathan Torcia, Deputy Director of Personnel
Sarah Hernandez, Project Coordinator
Kelly Dwyer, Executive Director of the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
Emily Gauthier, Executive Director of Judicial Nominating Commission
Sonia Altamirano, Executive Assistant to the Governor's Council

Cabinet Affairs & Strategic Planning

Cecilia Ugarte Baldwin, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy & Cabinet Affairs
Sarah Sabshon, Associate Chief of Staff for Policy & Cabinet Affairs
Amanda Dew, Policy and Cabinet Affairs Liaison
Rubby Wuabu, Policy and Cabinet Affairs Liaison
Elise Yannett, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Planning
Ariana Aghili, Strategic Planning Co-op
Quentin Palfrey, Director of Federal Funds and Infrastructure

Climate Innovation and Resilience

Melissa Hoffer, Climate Chief
Jonathan Schrag, Deputy Climate Chief, Director of Investment for Decarbonization and Resilience
Matthew Connolly, Senior Climate Policy Advisor


Jillian Fennimore, Communications Director
Karissa Hand, Press Secretary
Eoin Cannon, Director of Speechwriting
Allison Mitchell, Digital Director
Valentina Amaro, Director of Multicultural Media
Joshua Qualls, Director of Photography
Ayub Tahlil, Press Assistant

Constituent Services and Community Affairs

Marcony Almeida-Barros, Deputy Chief of Staff for Access and Opportunity
Yarlennys Villaman, Director of Community Affairs
Jordan Chrispin, Deputy Director
Olivia Rolnik, Director of Constituent Services
Brooke Alander, Constituent Services Coordinator
Olivia Corsetti, Constituent Services Aide

Nicholas DeFranco, Constituent Services Aide
Thomas Phelps, Constituent Services Aide
Remy AuCoin, Constituent Services Aide


Governor's Council

Sonia Altamirano, Executive Assistant to the Governor's Council
Valeria McCarthey, Administrative Secretary
Aaron Thomas, Program Coordinator

Legal Counsel

Paige Scott Reed, Chief Legal Counsel
Jesse Boodoo, Deputy Chief Legal Counsel
Adam Hornstine, Deputy Legal Counsel
Dara Kesselheim, Deputy Legal Counsel

Legislative Affairs

Alicia Rebello-Pradas, Deputy Chief of Staff for Legislative Affairs
Malaika Lucien, Legislative Affairs Liaison
Patrick Brown, Legislative Affairs Liaison

Operations, Administration, & Personnel

Ellie Hitt, Director of Operations
Marcela Castillo, Advance Coordinator
Katherine McGee, Advance Coordinator
Karine Kanj, Advance Coordinator
Austin Moore, Advance Manager and Traveling Aide to the Lieutenant Governor
Alex Powell, Director of Administration

Andrew Kreiss, Deputy Director of Administration
Bledar Vledic, Program Assistant
Joyce Stanton, Special Assistant
Dennis McEvoy, IT Specialist

Kendy Derival, Director of Personnel
Tajah Williams, Deputy Director of Personnel

Springfield & Washington, DC Offices

Kristen Elechko, Western Massachusetts Director
LaMar Cook, Western Massachusetts Deputy Director
William Rasky, Director of Federal Affairs

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