Group Classification Overview (MSRB)

Know your group by what you do.


Your position, occupation, and the duties you perform determine your group classification. The group classification applicable to your specific position at the time of retirement may be reviewed by the State Retirement Board for determination pursuant to its Group Classification Policy. 

Generally, in order for the current position held by a member of the State Retirement System to be classified by the Board, the member: must be actively employed by the Commonwealth, or by an agency or governmental entity subject to the State Retirement System; must actively hold the position for which they seek classification; and must be actively performing the duties of the position for which he/she seeks classification for not less than twelve consecutive months immediately preceding retirement at the time of classification. 

Members hired prior to April 2, 2012, may elect to have their service pro-rated at the time of retirement. 

Members who entered state service on or after April 2, 2012, must have their group classifications service pro-rated at the time of retirement depending on how long they serve in a particular group.

Group One

Members are officials and general employees including clerical, administrative and technical workers, laborers, mechanics, and all others not otherwise classified. 

Group Two

Members in this group include probation officers, court officers, certain correctional positions whose major duties require them to have the care, custody, instruction or supervision of prisoners, and certain positions who provide direct care, custody, instruction or supervision of persons with mental illness or developmental disabilities. 

Group Three

Members are exclusively State Police officers.

Any member of the State Police who has at least 20 years of creditable service with the State Police may elect to retire at any age prior to age 55. State Police officers should contact the State Board of Retirement for more information with regard to their retirement benefits. 

Group Four

Members include certain public safety officers and officials, correction officers and certain other correction positions, and parole officers or parole supervisors. 

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