Highway Division Contract Compliance Unit

External Compliance

Our Mission

The Mission of the ODCR Highway Division Contract Compliance Unit is to implement, monitor and enforce Program compliance with State & Federal EEO laws and Minority, Women, Service-Disabled and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (M/W/SD/DBE) regulations to ensure equal opportunity for minorities and women in MassDOTs’ business endeavors including its’ road & bridge construction contracts and construction workforce.

Unit Staff


Tanja Delgado, Manager of Contract Compliance
Telephone: (781) 570-6043
Email: Tanja.Delgado-Figueiredo@dot.state.ma.us

Each Highway District Office is staffed by one or more Compliance Officer:

District # 1 & 2 - William (Bill) Matlock
Telephone: (413) 582-1524
Email: William.Matlock@dot.state,ma.us
District # 3 - Peter Racicot
Telephone: (508) 721-4020
Email: Peter.Racicot@dot.state.ma.us
District # 4 - Trevor Hodge & Mark Young
Telephone: (781) 641-8326/8425
Email: Trevor.Hodge@dot.state.ma.us & Mark.Young@dot.state.ma.us
District # 5 - John Pires & Keith Parrett
Telephone: (508) 979-1989/1110
Email: John.Pires@dot.state.ma.us & Keith.Parrett@dot.state.ma.us
District # 6 - Dynell Andrews
Telephone: (857) 368-6459
Email: Dynell.Andrews@dot.state.ma.us

Unit Operations

The Contract Compliance Unit operates and carries out its' Mission in a variety of ways and is guided by Standard Operating Procedures:

  • S.O.P. # CSD-23-15-100 and the Construction Division Resident Engineers Standard Operating Procedure for joint program monitoring
  • S.O.P. # CSD-23-10-1-000 in conjunction with EEO laws along with State & Federal M/W/DBE regulations

Some of the day-to-day, annual and ad-hoc tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting desk audits of Contractors’ reporting system data inclusive of payment disbursements & receipt, workforce utilization and On-The-Job Training (OJT) data
  • Conducting on-site field visits & audits inclusive of M/W/DBE participation & commercially useful function reviews/audits pursuant to M/W/DBE Special Provisions, work force utilization & OJT review/audits & EEO discrimination complaint intake, when required
  • Work in conjunction with contractors, unions, community based organizations and others in the recruitment, referral, placement & retention of Federal On-The-Job Trainees pursuant to the Federal Training Special Provisions and other building trade construction employment opportunities on both State & Federal projects.
  • Performing outreach, mediation, problem-solving, dispute resolution and enforcement efforts, when necessary for program compliance
  • Providing internal & external training and education to staff and contracting community
  • Conducting Annual Comprehensive Federal Compliance Reviews on one or more contracts per each Highway District
  • The specific tasks and standard operating procedures to perform the above are conducted in 3 phases including preconstruction, construction and post-construction activities

Please feel free to contact us for further information or should you have questions about MassDOT's Highway Division Contract Compliance Program.