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Hunting on municipal lands in Massachusetts

Many towns allow hunting on municipal lands, which are sometimes called “conservation lands.” Some town bylaws do not allow hunting and others restrict the use of firearms. You have to contact the town to know for sure.

Many town lands are open to hunting. Some town bylaws limit hunting or prohibit the discharge of firearms. You need to know the laws for individual towns. Some land trusts and other nonprofit land groups also allow hunting. You need to contact each group to find out details.

Municipal lands

Depending on the town, municipal lands may be open to hunting. You may find that there are restrictions on hunting on these lands including:

  • Special rules
  • Special permit requirements
  • Lottery drawings
  • Designated hunting areas

Some towns prohibit the discharge of firearms, others require hunters to get written permission from landowners. Since these restriction vary by town, you need to read the by-laws for town(s) where you want to hunt. To help you get started, here is a link to websites of all the towns in Massachusetts.

Note: Wildlife Management Areas are open to hunting regardless of town bylaws.

Nonprofit land group properties

Land trusts and other nonprofits may allow hunting on lands they control. However, they may impose their own rules and restrictions. You should contact the group for information about their particular hunting policies.