Intrastate Mutual Aid

Mutual aid available inside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Intrastate mutual aid is one of three categories of aid communities can use during a disaster.  Massachusetts has two types that are used within the borders of the Commonwealth.

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement — Communities that chose to be part of this agreement can request emergency response assistance from any participating community in the state. A community that has opted in can send or request resources during any public safety event or incident. The mutual aid agreement is defined by MGL Chapter 40 Section 4J, which specifies the handling of legal issues related to the lending of resources between cities, towns, and government entities.

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Public Works Mutual Aid

Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement — Communities that choose to be part of this agreement can send or request mutual aid for everyday purposes, rather than during a public safety emergency. This mutual aid agreement is outlined in MGL 40, Section 4K. Participating communities are also able to activate the agreement with neighboring out-of-state towns.

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