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JLMC Committee Members

JLMC Committee Members and Alternates
Chairman Hanson John DLR/JLMC
Sr. Staff Rep for Labor  Cummings Donald  DLR/JLMC
Sr. Staff Rep. for Mgmt. Driscoll George DLR/JLMC
Sr. Staff Rep. for Labor Hubley Joseph DLR/JLMC
Sr. Staff Rep for Mgmt.  Morgado  Daniel  DLR/JLMC
Fire Chair Reddy  Matthew  PFFM DST VP  
Fire Member Cabral Billy PFFM SEC/ TREA  
Fire Member MacKinnon Richard PFFM PRES  
Fire Alternate  Colbert Jay PFFM IAFF DVP  
Fire Alternate  Cross William PFFM  
Fire Alternate  Keene David PFFM DST VP  
Fire Alternate  Long Craig PFFM  
Fire Alternate  Medeiros  Paul PFFM DST VP  
Fire Alternate  Paris Richard PFFM DST VP  
Fire Alternate  Taylor Robert PFFM  
Fire Alternate  Young  James PFFM  
Management Chair  Goldsmith Jill Town Manager, Chatham   
Management Vice Chair  Mazzarella Dean Mayor, Leominster   
Management Member Tranfaglia  Richard  Human Resource Director, Natick  
Management Member Johnson  Kathleen Assistant City Manager, Worcester   
Management Member Yanakakis  Lisa 

Assistant Town Manager, Weston

Management Alternate  Aicardi  Mary Personnel Director (Former), Watertown  
Management Alternate  Alexiades Ted Town Administrator, RET., Hingham   
Management Alternate  Bain David Personnel Director (Former) Gloucester  
Management Alternate  Crimmins  Diane Human Resource Director (RET), Belmont   
Management Alternate  Frederickson Frank Police Chief, Yarmouth   
Management Alternate  Garvin Patrice  Town Administrator, Belmont  
Management Alternate  Gibson Edward  Town Administrator, Southampton  
Management Alternate  Hayes Gerard  Personnel Director (RET), Brookline   
Management Alternate  Mahoney William Human Resources Director, Springfield   
Management Alternate  McCall  Michael  Town Manager, Southbridge  
Police Chair  Andrews  Alan MPA, Exc Board  
Police Member  Perreira Michael  Fall River Police Department  
Police Member  Sedergren Jesse Springfield PD  
Police Alternate Calderone Larry BPPA  
Police Alternate DeMille William Boston Police Dect (RET) MPA  
Police Alternate Padrini Richard Arlington Police  
Police Alternate Nelson John MASS COP  
Police Alternate Reddy Thomas  Lynn Police