Juvenile and Youthful Diversion

First-time, non-violent offenders under age 21 are diverted from the court system.

Vigorous prosecution is not the only method to combat juvenile crime.  Through the Juvenile and Youthful Diversion programs, first-time, nonviolent offenders may be offered intervention and remedial measures as an effective way to address their problems. 

Participation in the Diversion Program is voluntary.  Once the juvenile or youthful offender agrees to participate, they sign a contract with the District Attorney's Office outlining the program requirements.  They are typically required to participate in appropriate counseling, education, and community service projects. If a case involves property damage, they may also be held responsible for restitution.

If they successfully complete the program, the District Attorney will not prosecute the case, and they will not have a record. If they do not successfully complete the program or voluntarily withdraw from the program, the case will go forward in court for prosecution.