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Keys to a Successful EMS Contract

Learn some basic steps to follow to ensure that your community executes a successful EMS contract.

General Guide

This is a general guide of some key actions that your community should take to ensure a successful EMS contract. 

  1. Organize a team that includes:

    1. A key decision maker with contracting authority

    2. Legal counsel

    3. Technical staff

    4. Financial staff

    5. Procurement staff

  2. Hire an owner’s agent.

  3. Develop an energy use baseline.

  4. Define your project:

    1. Set goals

    2. Prioritize improvements

    3. Understand expectations

  5. Ensure accountability by documenting all procedures and changes.

  6. Follow the state procurement laws.

  7. Use DOER model documents.

  8. Follow best practices.


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