Landlords, restaurants, campgrounds - avoid conflicts with black bears

Businesses have a responsibility to keep their properties bear-free. Follow these steps to limit bears on your property and prevent conflicts with black bears.


Poorly managed trash attracts bears. Black bears tend to visit trash containers at restaurants, campgrounds, apartment complexes, and summer camps during the spring and summer months. If your facility is within bear range, pay close attention to how you manage your trash. Poorly managed trash brings them closer to people and causes them to lose fear of humans. The owners of trash-generating properties have a responsibility to residents, customers, and neighbors. Authorities may have to euthanize habituated bears to keep the public safe.

You can prevent bear incidents with upfront investment and good waste management techniques. Businesses have a responsibility to keep their properties bear-free. Those businesses should follow these guidelines:

  • Invest in Bear proof dumpsters and containers. Ask your trash hauler to supply bear proof containers.
  • Build an enclosure around trash receptacles to prevent bear access.
  • Empty containers often.
  • Keep garbage containers in a central and manageable location.
  • Keep area around containers clean. 

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