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Design-build is an alternative construction delivery system that provides responsibility for the delivery of design services and construction services within a single contract.

On a design-build project, the owner selects and executes a single contract with a single entity – e.g., a design-build firm, joint venture, or contractor that subcontracts with a designer – to design and construct the project. Thus, design and construction are combined into a single stage, with no separate bid for construction based on complete plans and specifications. Instead, design-build contracts are procured based on a scope of work statement and performance requirements.

Design-build projects

Since 2005, the OIG has approved procedures of the exempt agencies. Also, the OIG has approved six applications from non-exempt agencies, including the MBTA, which was previously non-exempt, to use design-build and issued a "Notice to Proceed to Use Design-Build" letter. The six projects total approximately $222,399,840 in project costs. Note: The information presented is from the application. Actual project data will vary. 

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Design-build application

To use design-build on a public works project of $5 million or more, an awarding authority (not including the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) since July 2015 and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)) must submit an application to the Office of the Inspector General. The Office has prepared an application form to be completed, pursuant to Chapter 149A.

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