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Learn about MassHealth health plans and when to enroll

MassHealth offers health plans to managed care eligible members.

I am a new MassHealth member and picking a health plan for the first time. When can I enroll in a health plan?

You can enroll in a health plan after you have been approved for MassHealth Standard, CommonHealth, CarePlus, or Family Assistance and become eligible for managed care. You will have 14 days to pick a plan from the date of your eligibility.  You can enroll in one of the plans offered in your area.  If you do not select a plan, MassHealth will pick one for you.

What are my health plan options?

Managed care eligible members can enroll in one of the following plan options:

Learn more about these health plan options by visiting MassHealthChoices.com.

Can I change my health plan?

As a MassHealth member enrolled in a health plan, you can change your health plan for any reason only during your Plan Selection Period. Once you are in your Fixed Enrollment Period, however, you will only be able to change your health plan for certain reasons that are listed on the Fixed Enrollment Period page. 

How can I change my health plan?

If you are in your Plan Selection Period and want to change your health plan, learn about the available health plans near where you live, compare them, and then enroll.

Go to MassHealthChoices.com for more information. Once you have picked a health plan, it is important to find a primary care provider who you will see for your preventive care screenings and whom you can go to with questions about your health.

What are health plan covered services?

Your health plan can help you get the coordinated care you need to stay healthy and focused on your health goals. Your health plan provides benefits such as

  • Preventive care and regular checkups
  • Mental health and substance use disorder services
  • Services through the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)
  • Pregnancy care and family planning services
  • Early intervention services for young children with growth or development problems
  • Dental care for children younger than age 21
  • Home health, physical therapy, and other rehabilitative care
  • Inpatient hospital care
  • Emergency care

Some of the services may have limitations. Learn more about covered services.

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