Learn about the Attorney General’s Criminal Bureau

The Criminal Bureau protects the public by investigating and prosecuting a wide range of criminal cases.

The Criminal Bureau prosecutes criminal cases that include matters of public corruption, financial fraud, and other violations of the public trust, organized crime, major narcotic offenses, appellate issues, insurance, and unemployment fraud, cyber and electronic crimes, and more. The Bureau’s investigations are supported by a team of State Police detectives.

If you believe that you have information related to a criminal offense that may be investigated or prosecuted by the Criminal Bureau, please complete the request for review form.

The Attorney General’s Criminal Bureau includes:

The White Collar and Public Integrity Division

The White Collar and Public Integrity Division investigates and prosecutes serious criminal misconduct involving crimes against public agencies, corrupt public employees and public entities, crimes that have a harmful effect on public confidence in our government and other trusted institutions, and financial crimes. 

The Insurance and Unemployment Fraud Unit is within the White Collar and Public Integrity Division. The unit investigates and prosecutes those who commit fraud against insurers and against the Commonwealth’s unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation system.

If you believe you are the victim of insurance or unemployment fraud, please contact the unit at (617) 573-5330.

The Enterprise, Major, and Cyber Crimes Division

The Enterprise, Major, and Cyber Crimes Division targets criminal enterprises and organizations using sophisticated investigative techniques. The division investigates and prosecutes a wide variety of offenses, including narcotics trafficking, extortion, and more.

The Appeals Division

The Appeals Division defends Massachusetts conviction, criminal justice officials, and criminal laws and practices in federal and state courts. The division specifically defends convictions secured by the Attorney General’s Office when they are challenged in the Massachusetts Trial Court, Appeals Court, and Supreme Judicial Court.

The Gaming Enforcement Division

The Gaming Enforcement Division ensures proper investigation and prosecution of illegal gaming-related activity in Massachusetts. The division enforces the Expanded Gaming Act of 2011 along with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Massachusetts State Police, and local police departments and federal law enforcement agencies.

Victims/Witness Services

The Victim Witness & Assistance Division provides services to victims and witnesses involved in Attorney General Office cases. The division provides financial assistance to eligible victims of violent crime for medical and dental care, mental health counseling, funeral and burial costs, crime scene clean up services, and security measures.

If you are seeking assistance or believe that you’re eligible for victim compensation, please call (617) 727-2200 ext. 2160.

The Financial Investigations Division

The Financial Investigations Division is a team of criminal investigators who partner with the Criminal Bureau prosecutors, State Police, victim witness advocates, and support staff from the White Collar and Public Integrity Division, the Enterprise, Major, and Cyber Crimes Division, and the Human Trafficking Division. The investigators analyze and forensically examine evidence of allegations of criminal misconduct involving financial crimes.

The Human Trafficking Division

The Human Trafficking Division is dedicated to prosecuting and preventing human trafficking through law enforcement efforts and policy development. A team of assistant attorneys general, victim witness advocates, paralegals, and Massachusetts State Police troopers investigate and prosecute high impact human trafficking cases.