Legal Opinions on the definition of "Participate", G.L. c. 268A, § 1(j)

Legal Opinions issued by the Ethics Commission on the definition of participate.
  • EC-COI-78-1

    May an employee of a state agency accept a position in a city department?

  • EC-COI-82-2

    May a special state employee serve as a consultant for a private organization?

  • EC-COI-82-153

    May a consultant/attorney who works part-time for a House Committee also represent a private organization which is interested in establishing off-track betting facilities in the Commonwealth?

  • EC-COI-87-32

    A municipal employee whose responsibility is limited to the ministerial act of signing a treasury warrant authorizing payment of compensation to employees does not personally and substantially participate in the warrant as long as the hours are certified by other individuals and the certification does not become the subject of a dispute. But see EC-COI-98-5 reversing this opinion.


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