Legal Opinions on the definition of "Particular Matter", G.L. c. 268A, § 1(k)

Legal Opinions issued by the Ethics Commission on the definition of "particular matter.".
  • EC-COI-78-1

    May an employee of a state agency accept a position in a city department?

  • EC-COI-80-43

    What issues arise from a member of the General Court and an attorney engaged in the private practice of law who has entered into an office-sharing arrangement with other attorneys, one of whom is a registered legislative agent?

  • EC-COI-81-34

    May a former employee of a state Commission appear before the Mass. Division of Hearing Offices to represent client who is aggrieved by an action of the Commission the employee was formerly employed by?

  • EC-COI-82-2

    May a special state employee serve as a consultant for a private organization?

  • EC-COI-82-153

    May a consultant/attorney who works part-time for a House Committee also represent a private organization which is interested in establishing off-track betting facilities in the Commonwealth?

  • EC-COI-82-176

    May a state employee perform classroom instruction for a driver education course while simultaneously employed by the RMV?

  • EC-COI-89-8

    A member of the General Court must abstain from sponsoring, advocating or voting on special legislation in which his immediate family member has a foreseeable financial interest.


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