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Line Budget Items

Line Budget Items Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I need to use my organization's budget worksheet to track spending for each line item budget?

Current balances are shown for each invoice in EIM/ESM. To access this information, view the Invoice Summary page for the relevant invoice. Balances are presented for each activity (program) comprising that invoice. It is unlikely that providers will need additional tracking mechanisms. However, such mechanisms may be pursued at the discretion of each provider organization.

2. Who determines the amount of each line item budget?

Authorized agency staff members enter line item amounts when contracts are set up in EIM/ESM.

3. What happens if I bill for more than remains in the line item budget?

The response of EIM/ESM depends upon how the contract governing that invoice was established. In some cases, EIM/ESM will prevent you from submitting the invoice. In other cases, it will allow the submission but limit payment to the amount left in the budget. Specific questions may be addressed to your agency contract manager.

4. Why was my invoice denied if there is enough money remaining in the budget?

Invoices may be denied for a variety of reasons, not just insufficient funds. Reasons may stem from inadequate or unclear supporting data or related concerns of the program or accounting manager. Information about the denial can be found in the Comments field of the Payment Request for Commodity (PRC) associated with that invoice.

5. Why don't negative numbers seem to calculate properly when you enter them?

When a line item is updated with a negative invoice amount, the unexpended balance will not be immediately updated. Rather, the updated balance will appear once invoice processing is complete. Staff with access to the relevant contract may wish to check the appropriate line item budget the following day.