Local public health workforce development

Learn about opportunities for professional development of the local public health workforce.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health works with statewide and regional public health professional associations, academic partners, and other training providers to promote and advance the catalog of training and continuing education offerings for local public health staff and board of health members.

In its 2006 report, Strengthening Local Public Health in Massachusetts: A Call to Action , the Massachusetts Coalition for Local Public Health (CLPH) recommended “strengthen(ing) workforce development and competency through increased training opportunities for local boards of health and staff and through the development of minimum educational levels and credentialing for certain positions”. The Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts Competency Report (2010) identified inter-disciplinary, cross-cutting competencies and program area competencies for the local public health workforce. These competencies have guided the development and delivery of training programs for the local public health workforce.

Training opportunities include those offered by the member organizations of the Coalition for Local Public Health, the Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts (LPHI), Western Massachusetts Public Health Association, New England Public Health Training Center, Community Health Training Institute, and others.

LPHI is funded by MDPH to strengthen the public health and preparedness capacity of the local public health workforce. LPHI offers a range of web-based and blended classroom training sessions developed in partnership with MDPH, CLPH and its member organizations, and other stakeholders to promote competency-based training for local public health. A full list of LPHI training offerings and a calendar of LPHI and other training activities can be found on the LPHI web site.

To learn more about training opportunities available through CLPH member organizations, visit their web sites:

In Western Massachusetts, the Western Massachusetts Public Health Association, the Berkshire County Boards of Health Association , and the Franklin Regional Council of Governments provide training and continuing education programs for local public health officials and professionals.

For Cape Cod and the Islands, the Barnstable County Department of Health and the Environment provides training and continuing education programs through the Cape and Islands Health Agents Coalition.

Massachusetts is home to a large number of colleges and universities that are conducting groundbreaking research on important public health issues, as well as training the public health workforce of the future. MDPH is currently working to coordinate our partnerships with these colleges and universities in order to promote public health as a profession, create meaningful student experiences, enhance capabilities of current staff, and optimize public health research and practice.

MDPH offers internships for undergraduate and Master’s level students as an opportunity to introduce them into the public health field. The majority of these internships are unpaid. There are two separate internship programs:

Other Training Resources