Massachusetts State Exposition Building - Operations and Contacts

Learn about the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance's (DCAMM's) management of the State Exposition Building. Find contact information for DCAMM staff.

About DCAMM operations

DCAMM shall be responsible for providing the building and property services as noted below.

DCAMM Office of Facilities Maintenance (OFM) Office is located at the Springfield State Office Building at 436 Dwight Street Springfield, MA on the 1st floor in Room 130

The OFM is available during regular business hours to respond to questions regarding concerns within the building. This office may be contacted at (413) 346-9121.

Contact information

Aimee Sobinski, Building Operations Maintenance Office Springfield State Office Bldg. Room 130 phone: (413) 346-9121
Richard Goulet, Director of Operations and Maintenance McCormack Building, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA
phone: (617) 727-4050 x 31293
fax: (617) 727-8092
Kelly Flaherty, Facility Manager Springfield State Office Bldg. Room 130 phone: (413) 346-9120
Ed Kennedy, Director Life Safety and Security McCormack Building, Rm. 107
Boston, MA
phone:  (617) 727-4050 x 31237
fax:  (617) 727-5514
24/7 Control Center Boston phone: (617) 727-1000

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