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Massachusetts State Rehabilitation Council (MA SRC)

The MA SRC is a partner of MRC.

About the SRC

Mission: The primary goal of the SRC is to partner with MRC  to ensure that people with disabilities are provided with an equal opportunity to receive the programs, services and supports needed to gain competitive integrated employment. The SRC provides a forum for consumer input resulting in recommendations and advice to the agency. We aim to provide a path to high quality, value-based, vocational rehabilitation services that lead to meaningful, sustainable, and competitive employment for consumers with disabilities.

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Current SRC Members

The SRC has twenty-one (21) voting members, the majority of whom must be people with disabilities, appointed by the Governor to serve staggered terms. Voting members can serve up to two consecutive three year terms. The Council may have up to fifteen (15) non-voting (ex officio) members.  The Federal regulations require that the Council have representatives from specific individuals, groups, and organizations.  Also, the SRC makes every effort to ensure demographic, geographic, minority and cross-disability representation within the Council's membership

SRC Members



Rosanna Woodmansee

Business/Labor/Industries 1

Ellie Starr

Business/Labor/Industries 2

Barbara Cipriani

Business/Labor/Industries 3

Katherine O'Neil

Business/Labor/Industries 4


Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Representative


Community Rehab Services Provider Representative

Naomi Goldberg

Client Assistance Program (CAP)

Bonnie Jones

Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) Representative

Dawn Clark

Disabilities Representative 1

Youcef J. Bellil

Disabilities Representative 2

Richard Colantonio

Disabilities Representative 3

Matthew Bander

Disabilities Representative 4

Lisa Chiango

Disabilities Representative 5

Heather Wood

Disabilities Representative 6

Inez Canada

Disabilities Representative 7

Christopher Dreher

Disabilities Representative 8


Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education

Lusa Lo

Higher Education Representative 


Parent Training/Info Center Representative

Katherine Queally

Unserved/Underserved Representative 

Paula Euber
James Carnazza

Ex-Officio Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors