Massachusetts State Rehabilitation Council (MA SRC)

The Massachusetts State Rehabilitation Council (“SRC” or “Council”) partners with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to deliver vocational rehabilitation (VR) services. The primary goal of the SRC is to partner with MRC to ensure that people with disabilities are provided with an equal opportunity to receive the programs, services and supports needed to gain competitive integrated employment. The SRC also provides a forum for consumer input resulting in recommendations and advice to the agency. We aim to provide a path to high quality, value-based, vocational rehabilitation services that lead to meaningful, sustainable, and competitive employment for consumers with disabilities.

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600 Washington Street, MRC, Boston, MA 02111

Who we serve

The SRC partners with MRC to provide a dynamic pathway to economic self-sufficiency for people with disabilities eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act. .


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Image credits:  Matt Naugton