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MassCareers system requirements

Information on operating system, browser and other requirements for accessing MassCareers

Operating Systems and Browsers

  Windows OS Mac OS X
Edge Certified Not Supported
IE 11 (64 Bit) Supported Not Supported
Safari 10 Not Supported Certified
Safari 9 Not Supported Supported
Firefox 52 ESR Certified Not Supported
Chrome 56 Certified Supported
  • Certified: Applies to Browsers/OS versions that are considered mainstream. This typically includes current and possibly other recent versions which are likely to be used by a majority of users.
    It is a best practice to use certified browsers.
  • Supported: Applies to previously certified older Browsers/OS versions that are still supported by their vendors and are still used by a significant number of users.
  • Not Supported: Applies to previously supported Browsers/OS versions that have been de-supported by their vendors and/or those never supported or not yet supported by Oracle.

Mobile Devices

  • Android 6 and IOS 10 Operating systems are supported.


  • Browser cookies must be enabled in order to apply for a job or create a profile.


MassCareers is compatible with the following 3rd party accessibility software tools.

  • JAWS – Screen Reader – Version 16 or later
  • ZoomText – Screen Magnifier / Screen Reader – Version 10

Third Party Software

  • Adobe Reader 9 (and up)
  • Adobe Flash 10 (Supported) / Flash 11 (Recommended)
  • Excel 2003 and 2007+ (for OBI Reporting)
  • Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010

Internet/Network Connection

  • 384 Kbps (minimum)/1 Mbps (Ideal)