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MassDOT One Center at UMass

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation in partnership with the UMass Transportation Center (UMTC) has consolidated several programs under a multi-year interdepartmental service agreements (ISA).

Through the integrated ISA, the UMTC supports the MassDOT Research Section by providing access to the resources, including laboratories and field installations, of the UMass campus system and other State Colleges.

The UMTC provides the following services for MassDOT:

Massachusetts Cooperative Research Program (MCRP)

  • Literature searches
  • Problem statement review support
  • Identification of researchers
  • Research project administration support
  • Publication and distribution of reports
  • Implementation activities

Training Services

  • UMTC coordinates Baystate Roads, the Commonwealth’s Local Technical Assistance (LTAP) program and the Massachusetts Technical Assistance Program (MTAP).