MassDOT QTCE product evaluation process

When evaluating a new traffic control equipment product, the Committee's review will vary depending on the type of product.

In general the discussion will include, but not be limited to, the following questions:

  • Does it fit a current need that exists on streets and highways within the Commonwealth?
  • Does it conform to the latest edition of the MassDOT Standard Specifications for Highways and Bridges?
  • Does it meet current industry standards (AASHTO, ASTM, NEC, NEMA, NTPEP, UL, etc.)?
  • If similar to other currently approved products, does it offer additional benefits. These may include benefits such as increased safety, ease of use, or reduction in cost or other options that are in need?
  • Where else is it used? Are other roadway owners satisfied with its performance?
  • Is this an updated model of a product currently approved? Is the Department satisfied with the performance of the older model?
  • Has District staff received input? Were they in favor of using it?
  • Will its use result in an unnecessary burden on highway or electrical maintenance staff?

The Committee meets once per month and sends its recommendation to the State Traffic Engineer for final approval. Upon approval or rejection of an item, the applicant will receive a letter from Department that includes the assessment and, if approved, the type of qualification and any limitations on use.

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