MassDOT special provisions

This information is for use on all MassDOT Highway Division construction contracts that contain special provisions for price adjustments for Liquid Asphalt, Portland Cement Concrete, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Structural Steel and Reinforcing Steel.

The special provisions provide for a price adjustment of affected items based on the difference between the Base Price and the Period Price. The Base Price is found in the Notice to Contractors section of the Bid Documents. Period Prices, except for structural and reinforcing steel, are listed in the table on the Price Adjustments page. Structural and reinforcing steel Period Prices are determined using the information under Steel below.

Liquid Asphalt

Due to the elimination of the Old Method Period Price, starting July 19, 2013, only one price will be posted each month on the main page under Liquid Asphalt. This single posted price, formerly called the "New Asphalt Period Price Method", will continue to show the Period Price of Liquid Asphalt for each monthly period as determined by MassDOT - Highway Division using the average selling price per standard ton of PG64-28 paving grade (primary binder classification) asphalt, FOB manufacturer's terminal, as listed under the "East Coast Market - New England, Boston, Massachusetts area" section of the Poten & Partners, Inc. "Asphalt Weekly Monitor". This average selling price is listed in the issue having a publication date of the second Friday of the month and will be posted as the Period Price for that month. MassDOT Highway Division will post this Period Price on this website within two (2) business days following their receipt of the relevant issue of the "Asphalt Weekly Monitor".

Poten and Partners has granted MassDOT Highway Division the right to publish this specific asphalt price information sourced from the Asphalt Weekly Monitor.

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Diesel Fuel and Gasoline

Diesel and Gasoline Period Prices are the actual prices paid by MassDOT - Highway Division for these fuels. The previous month's prices will be posted by the end of the second week of each month.

Please note that the special provisions located at the links above (Diesel Fuel and Gasoline - Document 00812 - English & Metric) have been revised on 01-26-09 to include a 5% adjustment threshold to comply with Chapter 303 of the Acts of 2008.

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Portland Cement

The Period Price of Portland cement will be determined by using the latest published price, in dollars per ton (U.S.), for Portland cement (Type I) quoted for Boston, U.S.A. in the Construction Economics section of ENR Engineering News-Record magazine or at the ENR website under Construction Economics. The Period Price will be posted on this website the Wednesday immediately following the publishing of the monthly price in ENR, which is normally the first week of the month.

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The Steel Price Adjustment Special Provisions Document 00813 now covers both New and Current contracts.

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