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MassWorkforce WIOA National Dislocated Worker Grant policy issuances

MassWorkforce WIOA National Dislocated Worker Grant policy issuances

06 - National Dislocated Worker Grant Policy Issuances

Massachusetts COVID-19 Disaster Dislocated Worker Project

Issuance: 100 DCS 06.105   Issued: 07/24/2020
06-105A: Worksite Application
06-105B: Worksite Agreement Template
06-105C: Worksite Agreement Addendum
06-105D: Monitoring Form
06-105E: Dislocated Worker Grants Disaster Recovery Guidelines
06-105F: Q&A
06-105G: Recovery Jobs Interest Form
06-105H: Master Agreement
06-105I: COVID-19 DWG Justification/Eligibility Form
06-105J: Support Services-cash request form
06-105K: Voucher Invoice
06-105L: COVID-19 Dislocated Worker Eligibility Documentation Verification Methods
06-105M: Dislocated Worker Eligibility Verification Methods
06-105N: MOSES Tracking Guide/COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant

Disaster Recovery - Dislocated Worker Grants to Address the Opioid Crisis

Issuance: 100 DCS 06.104   Issued: 03/30/2020
06-104A: Project Eligibility Template

Massachusetts Disaster Hurricane Response Dislocated Worker Grant

Issuance: 100 DCS 06.103.2   Issued: 09/27/2018
06-103-2A: Master Agreement
06-103-2B: Hurricane NDWG Justification Form
06-103-2C: Individual Training Account Request Form
06-103-2D: Training Justification Form
06-103-2E: Voucher – Cash Request Form
06-103-2F: Support Services – Cash Request Form

On-the-Job (OJT) Wage Caps and Reimbursement Rate Waivers for Job Driven, Dislocated Worker Training, and Sector Partnership National Emergency Grants(NEGs)  

Issuance: 100 DCS 06.102   Issued: 02/29/2016

Sector Partnership National Emergency Grants  

Issuance: 100 DCS 06.101   Issued: 12/14/2015