MDPH programs that work with local public health

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) works with local public health through a wide range of programs.

Most of these programs have a long history of partnership with local public health staff and boards of health. The MDPH Intra-Agency Local Public Health Working Group provides a forum for internal collaboration and communication among MDPH program managers on matters important to local public health. Links to MDPH programs are provided with the contact information below.

Directory of programs

Epidemiology/Immunization line (“Epi Line”) and Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management Duty Officer are important 24/7 resources:

Epidemiology/Immunization Line
  • (617) 983-6800
OPEM 24/7 Duty Officer

Substance Addiction Services Resources

Massachusetts Substance Use HelpLine
  • Voice and Hearing Users: (800) 327-5050
  • TTY and ASCII Users: (800) 720-3480
Naloxone (Narcan) Information

Office of the Commissioner

Office of Local and Regional Health
Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management
Office of Population Health
Office of Health Equity
Office of Data Management and Outcomes Assessment
Performance Management and Quality Improvement/Accreditation
Office of Problem Gambling Services

Bureau of Community Health and Prevention

Mass in Motion
Office of Community Health Planning and Engagement
Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation & Prevention Program
Office of Oral Health
Occupational Health Surveillance Program
(Includes Sharps Program)
State Office of Rural Health
School Health Services

Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences

Epidemiology Program
Immunization Program
Public Health Nursing
Refugee and Immigrant Health Program
Tuberculosis Prevention Program
Office of HIV/AIDS
Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention
Office of Integrated Surveillance and Informatics Services

Bureau of Environmental Health

Bureau of Environmental Health
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Community Sanitation Program
Environmental Toxicology Program
Food Protection Program
Indoor Air Quality Program
Radiation Control Program

Bureau of Substance Addiction Services

Prevention Information: Alcohol and Other Drugs
Veterans Services
Housing and Homeless Services


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