Military Makeup Exam Instructions

For current military personnel to request a makeup examination

Please read below for more detailed instructions on how to apply for a military makeup exam for public safety job such as correction officer, firefighter or police officer.

Statement of within 6 months of discharge

Who is qualified for a MILITARY MAKEUP EXAM?

To qualify for a military makeup exam you would need to have been on active duty (or military orders) during the original application period or on the original examination date of the exam you are requesting a makeup for.

How do I request a MILITARY MAKEUP EXAM?

To request a military makeup exam you must email; with the subject line being "Request for Military Makeup." Specify the title of the exam and the exam date you are requesting. Supporting documentation such as a DD214, Commanding Officer Letter, Orders, etc. must accompany the request. All requests must be sent within 6 months after discharge from active duty (or military orders).


Please check a next available exam date from the Military Makeup Exam Schedule.

Determining VETERANS status?

Please check if you are Veteran.

How do I get VETERANS status under CIVIL SERVICE?

To obtain Veterans status you must submit either a DD214(Member 1 versions will not be accepted) or Commanding Officer’s letter.

Please find more detail information from

Where am I standing on the ELIGIBLE LIST?

If you receive a passing score, your name will be placed on the eligible list until that list expires. To ensure that any opportunities aren’t missed, candidates are encouraged to take the next scheduled exam for that title.

Please be sure to review the definition of Eligibility for Extension upon Return from Active Duty, as this may apply to you.




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