Military Peer Support Program

To assist our military personnel employees and their families, while they undertake their military obligations, we've established the Military Peer Support Program.

Our program

Today's military family faces numerous stressful lifestyle challenges; before, during and after their military commitment. The Military Peer Support Program (MPSP) intends to educate all our staff of the potential needs and concerns of our service members. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment, supportive atmosphere, and a smooth transition from military to civilian environments. 

The MPSP is comprised of employee volunteers who have either served our country or are non-military and have an unwavering commitment to our service members. The MPSP team members will act as a liaison for the service member and their families.

Families during separations

When a member deploys, family members go with them in a sense. Long separations are hard on every member of the family, especially those who are left at home. But as military families, they learn to cope. Experience has shown that a deployment is much easier on families if they prepare for it and know the resources that are available during the separation. Our Military Peer Support Program was put in place to be the support system and help with all aspects of deployment for the employee and their family.

Our goal is to meet with you and your family to review the DOC resources and how we can support your family while you are away.

While you are away we will stay in touch with you and your family members through email, letters and phone calls. We are here to support your family with their needs, such as shoveling the driveway in the winter to helping with home maintenance, car issues, etc.

We aid in welcome home events, paperwork and supporting back to work needs, including: mandatory training requirements; in-service; and on-the-job training. We work to create a smooth transition back into the workforce by providing resources for those struggling with stresses or traumas that were acquired during their service.