Olmstead Planning Committee Stakeholder Engagement

The Commonwealth is committed to broad-based stakeholder engagement to inform the development of the Olmstead Plan.

We anticipate stakeholders to include consumers, family members, service providers, state agencies, housing developers and managers, and others.  The Olmstead communications and stakeholder engagement strategy will include multiple opportunities for interaction with consumers, advocates, providers, policymakers, family caregivers among other groups.

The Strategy will include several components:

  • Olmstead Advisory Council: A diverse group of external stakeholders representing a cross-section of perspectives and geography will be selected through a formal selection process for an Advisory Council.
  • Olmstead Plan Listening Sessions: The Planning Committee is holding two initial Stakeholder Listening Sessions, one during the pre-plan development phase (completed) and is planning to two additional listening sessions during the draft plan review and feedback phase.
  • Additional Stakeholder Outreach: Notification and outreach by Olmstead Committee Planning members to statewide/regional stakeholder organizations.
  • In addition, stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback on specific questions during the course of the plan development. By clicking on the following link: Plan Development Feedback stakeholders may provide comments on the four key questions below to help inform the initial drafting of the Olmstead Plan.

    Stakeholders may also send written comments by mail to:
    Olmstead Planning Process c/o
    Executive Office of Health and Human Services
    1 Ashburton Place
    Boston, MA 02108