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Performance Management Review (PMR)

Local Housing Authorities (LHA's) are required to participate in a comprehensive performance-based monitoring program.

Program Information

Chapter 235 legislation requires a Local Housing Authority (LHA) to participate in a comprehensive performance-based monitoring program, as established by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

Performance Management Reviews (PMRs) have three primary objectives:

  1. to review housing authority operations to ensure that they are managed in accordance with Chapter 121B, DHCD regulations, policies and guidelines;
  2. to provide operational guidance and targeted assistance in regulatory compliance and daily operations; and
  3. to develop and implement corrective action plans to improve performance of an Authority to a satisfactory level.


The Performance Management Review (PMR) evaluates Local Housing Authorities (LHAs) on:

  • Adjusted occupancy rate
  • Budget to actual variance
  • Operating reserve
  • Timeliness of certification and reporting submissions
  • Capital (CAP) spending
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) submission
  • Annual inspections
  • Work order systems


A score of “No Findings” indicates that a housing authority meets or exceeds expectations; “Operational Guidance” indicates that the LHA must make slight changes to improve in that performance area; “Corrective Action” indicates that housing authorities must develop and implement a plan of action to correct any deficiencies noted in order to improve performance to a satisfactory level. The LHA may be in need of targeted assistance or guidance from DHCD.

Applicable Public Housing Notices

  • 2017-15 – Tracking PMR Criteria in Real Time
  • 2016-36 – Performance Management Review (PMR) Launch
  • 2016-16 – Preparing for the PMR – LHA Annual Inspections and Work Order System

For further information

Please contact the Bureau of Housing Management at (617) 573-1150